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Soothing your Little One using the 5 S's

The perfect recipe for settling a newborn baby!

Soothing a fussy infant can feel like a marathon, especially when exhaustion sets in and nothing seems to work. That's where the 5 S's come in, a game-changer in the world of calming techniques for babies, pioneered by Dr. Harvey Karp.

The 5 S's are; swaddle, side/stomach, swing, shush, and suck. You can use a mixture, but the best result comes when you combine all of them at once!

S #1 - Swaddle

Swaddling allows your little one to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Swaddling also assists with the startle reflex and can help your little one sleep for longer. It's the perfect first step in calming a fussy newborn.

S #2 - Side or Stomach

Lying on their side, or having their stomach pressed into your chest/shoulder triggers the calming reflex. This can be especially helpful if bubs has colic or reflux.

Your baby MUST always be placed on their back for sleep!

S #3 - Swing

Gently jiggling or rocking a newborn mimics the motion that they are used to from the womb. Jiggle just enough for slight head movement.

S #4 - Shush

Shushing mimics the sounds of the womb, making them feel relaxed and ready for sleep! Adding white noise here is also a great option. The womb was loud!

S #5 - Suck

The icing on the cake! Introducing a dummy triggers the sucking reflex which helps a newborn calm.

If you're breastfeeding, it is best to wait until breastfeeding is going well before introducing a dummy.

Mastering the art of soothing your baby with the 5 S's requires patience and practice. Remember, every baby is unique, so finding the right combination of techniques may take time. Stay consistent, observe your baby's cues, and with perseverance, you'll find what works best for your little one.

You've got this!

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