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Free Sleep Support?

At Little Dream Boats, we understand the struggles that many families face when it comes to their little one's sleep. We recognize that not everyone has the means to access quality sleep support, whether due to financial constraints or other circumstances. That's why we've decided to offer a free 2-week sleep support package to one family per month... and we hope that this is just the beginning!

What is included & who is this for?

This package (valued at $499) includes a full phone consultation, acustomised sleep plan, daily support, and information for moving forwards after support. Our goal is to provide assistance and guidance to families who may not otherwise have access to it, helping them navigate their sleep challenges and improve their overall well-being.

This initiative is designed for families who are struggling with their little one's sleep and could benefit from professional support. Whether it's difficulty with bedtime routines, frequent night wakings, or other sleep-related issues, we're here to help.


Families can apply for this free sleep support package directly, or individuals can nominate someone they know who could benefit from this assistance. Our aim is to reach those who need it most and make a positive impact on their sleep journey.

Note: The family selected will be emailed, not announced on social media. (i.e your details, etc, will remian private)

If you need budget-friendly support options while you are waiting for applications to close, remember you can check out these options: the sleep guides on our website, our blog, and our Instagram is packed full of information (as well as our weekly Q&A)! Don't forget that we offer personalised support from just $39!

Apply Here!

On the first of every month, we will select one family to support. They will be contacted via email.

Each month, families will need to reapply.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact within the first week of each month.

Other options for free support/advice: Free guides (under the sleep guides tab), our blog, and our Instagram is packed with information and we do a weekly Q&A session every Tuesday!

Holly x

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