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About Me & My Journey

Hi there! I'm Holly, an internationally certified infant and toddler sleep consultant. I am based on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand with my partner, Jin, and our gorgeous son, Carter. As well as helping tired families, I am a high school Science teacher with a BSc double majoring in Chemistry and Biology.

When Carter was born, we were ecstatic. However, the peaceful depiction I had of having a baby in my life, quickly became a distant image. Between 3 and 5 months, We were up every 20-90 minutes during the night – We were mentally and physically drained. My partner and I became not only exhausted, but irritable and defeated.


It was at this point where we sought the help of a professional sleep consultant. Within three days our little man was sleeping 12 hours a night, and getting solid, consistently timed naps. Not only did we get to sleep better, when he was sleeping better, but his emotions vastly improved due to good sleep also.

It made a world of difference to our entire family.


Getting a full night’s rest turned us into better parents and partners. Parenthood is challenging, but it also comes with a lot of joy. Being sleep-deprived does not have to be a part of that journey! I became so passionate about children's sleep and how it affects them, and us as parents. This led me to want to help more families experience the same restful and predictable sleep my family gets to experience every day.

With guidance and support, every baby and family can have great sleep as well.

It is possible for your baby to have up to 12 hours of unbroken sleep.

It is possible to have consistent day naps that give you a much needed break.

Let’s get started on your journey to great sleep!

It would be an honour for me to guide you step-by-step, successfully bringing peace and sleep to your family.

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