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Newborn Sleep Guide
  • Newborn Sleep Guide

    Introducing Your Newborn Sleep BFF!


    This e-guide is your ultimate resource for navigating your baby's sleep from the very beginning. With 82 pages of comprehensive evidence-based knowledge, you'll have all the tips and tricks you need to crack the sleep code. From feeding and soothing to creating a sleep-friendly environment, this guide has got you covered. Plus, you'll learn about safe sleep practices to reduce the risk of SIDS. Trust us, this is the sleep BFF you've been waiting for!


    Inside, you'll find:

    - Science-backed strategies to help your newborn sleep longer and more comfortably.

    - Expert advice to help you navigate common sleep challenges and troubleshoot issues

    - Feeding, soothing, and bedtime routines that work like magic.

    - Bonus content that goes beyond the basics—because we've got your back!

    - Nutrition, maternal mental health, and part-partum advice from experts!


    Whether you're swiping through it on your phone or printing it out for all caregivers, the Newborn Sleep Guide is your ultimate companion for establishing healthy sleep habits for your little one.


    Ready to kick sleep struggles to the curb? Grab your downloadable guide and take charge of your baby's sleep journey today!


    BONUS - The newborn sleep guide comes with a 25% discount off of an 'Ask Me Anything 30-minute chat' as this is the perfect pair for the newborn days. Discount valid until your little one turns 16 weeks old.

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