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Early Morning Waking Guide

Early Morning Waking Guide

Kiss goodbye to early mornings with this comprehensive guide! 


This guide is for you if...

- If early rising has been a struggle for more than two weeks

- Your little one is not sleeping for 11 hours of sleep overnight

- You feel like you have tried everything!


In this guide, I will walk you through...

- The science behind early morning wakings

- 10 reasons for early waking

- How you can respond to early rising to make them a thing of the past


"We've had a stint of our son waking at 5am, sometimes even 4:45am for almost 2 months and it drove us mad! My husband and I used to take turns to get up, so we were not both completely exhausted. It took a simple tweak mentioned in the Early morning wake guide to rectify the situation. Now we get to sleep in till 6:30/7am every day!" - Frieda and son Josua


Please note that this guide is for children aged 4 months to 4 years, who are already able to settle themselves to sleep.


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